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Air-fuel ratio gauge Polini Lambda Meter Mini Style

Air-fuel ratio gauge Polini Lambda Meter Mini Style

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Lamda measuring instrument & auml; te are high-tech measuring instrument & auml; te for optimal tuning of your 4-stroke engine. This makes it m & ouml; even extract possible through optimum mixture vote the last vestiges of power.

By means of a lambda probe of the residual oxygen content is measured in the exhaust gas and provides information navigation use about the composition of the fuel / air mixture. & Auml; similar works Steuerger & auml; t an injection system for 4-stroke engines, only that & Auml; change of fuel Luftverh & auml; ltniss for carburetor models manually & uuml; ber the & Auml; changing the main jet navigation use must be made sen.

All necessary hardware and installation instructions are included. Fits on all vehicles with 4-stroke engine.

Cable length: 200cm

air / fuel ratio
display range: 12.2 to 17.2
& nbsp;
display unit: 0.1 & nbsp;
operating voltage
DC 12V
Battery Type
CR2032 & nbsp;
Battery Life & nbsp;
ca. 2000 hours & nbsp;
Operating temperature range
- 10 to + 60 ° C


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