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Shock extender CNC 4-hole adjustable mounting white

Shock extender CNC 4-hole adjustable mounting white

€ 30,61
Shock extender [CNC] - white

Shock extender [CNC] - white

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 Cena uvedena vždy za jednotku
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€ 17,18
Cena s DPH € 20,62

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Solid aluminum machined height adjuster kit. This height adjuster kit is 47mm. The strut can be mounted using the four holes onto the shock absorbers and can be easily adjusted. An absolute must for those who love to tinker. Suitable for CPI, Keeway and Generic scooters with engines 1E40QMB. Available in different colours. Please note that it may it may affect centre stand function in some vehicles. white height adjuster kit.


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