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Kód tovaru:
 Cena uvedena vždy za jednotku
Cena bez DPH:
€ 54,92
Cena s DPH € 65,90

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Low-cost aftermarket exhaust, non-performance enhancing. Good fit. For those looking for a simple replacement to a damaged or defective exhaust. Looks and performs like the original, but the price is far from the original. At this price the packaging is not “grade A”. We receive the systems in plastic packaging and now and again small scratches may be present from transport. The price, however, makes up for all that. You can easily buy 3 of these systems for the price of the original. Does not come with Vehicle Type Approval. Suitable for all Kymco models with horizontal, air-cooled cylinders and SYM scooters with horizontal cylinders, thanks to the specific mounting bracket.


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