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Tire Heidenau K61 3.50-10 59J TL reinforced

Tire Heidenau K61 3.50-10 59J TL reinforced

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 Cena uvedena vždy za jednotku
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€ 42,63
Cena s DPH € 51,15

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Tubeless tyres. With tubeless rims a tubeless tyre MUST be mounted, in order to guarantee a proper seal. It can however be used in combination with an innertue and used on every kind of rim (including tubed rims).

The Heidenau K61 Reinforced is a sports-oriented scooter tyre with very good handling and top direction changing. Great mileage and good wet weather grip really set this tyre apart.

With 60 years experience in tyre manufacturing, Heidenau is a traditional German company that is one of the leading manufacturers of tyres for two-wheels. One of the best quality tyres for scooters, large capacity scooters, low-powered bikes and motorcycles on the market today.


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